Underground Products

We have very strong working relationships with our underground mining clients which means we are often the first people they call when they want a well-designed solution to a problem. We love a challenge so over time have developed a range of products that we can now offer to the market.

While these products may be the “orphans” amongst our Underground Mining Products range, they are still designed with industry leading knowledge of the environment they will be used in, and are built to the same Jet standard. Our range of innovations include

  • Our unique crib-wash basin which brings some comfort to the crib room, while at the same time reducing damage to the underground roadways by preventing water from being spilled onto them.
  • Our range of machine stands that have been specifically designed for use with drift runners and underground LHD’s, and are certified to Australian standards.
  • Our QDS attachment locks provide a secure and convenient method of securing QDS attachments.