Our Capabilities

JET Group specialise in projects which require a combination of our core skills: Design, Draughting, Blasting, Painting, Fabrication and Installation. The complete integration of our design and manufacturing capabilities is the power behind JET Group, as it allows us to provide our customers with the following benefits:

  1. Lower cost – we offer the capabilities of both a design office and a fabrication workshop, with the overheads of one
  2. Shorter lead times – design and manufacture can be carried out in parallel, allowing jobs to be completed in a shorter time frame
  3. Streamlined communication – our customers deal with a single point of contact from the concept phase of a job through to commissioning. This allows us to ensure that all of their requirements are met in full
  4. Repeatability – we maintain full records which allow us to re-supply exact replacements of our products at a later date. Additionally, all products are given part numbers for ease of re-ordering
  5. Reduced Risk – our products are supplied complete with all of the documentation required for introduction to site: certification reports, NDT reports, design risk assessments, user manuals, etc.


Jet Group