Concrete Drophole Products

JET Engineering likes to be ahead of the pack when it comes to total solutions, so we have created a complete family of products, which all work together to improve the efficiency of transporting ballast and concrete into the mine.  Six products in all, including hoppers, concrete kettles and a QDS Kibble attachment, all designed from the ground up for maximum performance on site.

We are serious about quality and all our concrete kettles have been designed for maximum wear life. When they do eventually wear out, our modular design allows replacement of only the components that have worn, not the complete assembly. Maintainability has been considered at the design stage, resulting in features which ensure our kettles are easy to disassemble and overhaul. All of these features combine to provide the lowest possible whole of life ownership cost.

We have also developed two different designs of concrete hopper (Compact style and Calibrated style) to suit individual mine site requirements and budgets.

And we’ve thought of every stage of the process with our innovative ballast hopper which allows a frontend loader to efficiently load ballast into the borehole.