Bolting Platform

Jet Engineering’s range of Mobile Bolting Platforms facilitate the safe installation of roof and rib support over the top of running conveyor belts.

This allows cable bolts, conveyor hanging bolts and monorail hanging bolts to be installed as part of the development mining process, significantly reducing the time required to prepare a panel for longwall installation.

We also have machines for replacing failing primary support in trunk conveyor roadways.

Powered by compressed air, our platforms incorporate a range of safety features including:

  • Safety circuit for operator protection
  • Pullwire activation device  to stop the conveyor in an emergency
  • Distinct operating modes (Tramming Mode and Bolting Mode)
  • Audible alarm which sounds during tramming
  • Cable bolt feeders to eliminate manual handling
  • Onboard intensifier for tensioning cable bolts

Designed in close consultation with end users, our platforms strike a perfect balance between safety and productivity.  The hydraulic drill rigs maximise productivity while our proprietary control system enhances operator safety.  An example of this is our Soft Approach system which reduces the rotation speed, feed rate, and feed pressure while joining drill steels.  The system forces the operator to have both hands clear of the drill steel before full speed and pressure can be activated.

Built tough to endure the harsh underground environment, our platforms are galvanised to prevent corrosion and maximise machine life.

Each machine is custom built, taking into account a wide range of factors including:

  • Required support pattern
  • Conveyor structure design
  • Roadway height and width
  • Roadway gradients (longitudinal and transverse)
  • Transport and installation considerations
  • Available compressed air supply

Our platforms are designed to comply with MDG 35.1, MDG 41, and AS1657.  Each design is certified by an RPEQ Mechanical Engineer.